Our Mission

Our Mission

St Vincent’s NS is a Catholic co-educational primary school with a Catholic ethos under the patronage of the Archbishop of Tuam

Our mission is ‘To follow in Jesus footsteps, caring for each other when we work, pray and play’

St Vincent’s NS aims to be a positive force in the life of the child and school community, inspired by the life of Christ in the Gospels

Our school is committed to the widest and fullest education of all pupils in a partnership between home, school, parish and community Our school aims to create a happy, ordered environment where all members feel secure, valued and respect each other

At St Vincent’s NS we believe that children learn in different ways. Therefore, we aim to

  • Teach pupils that God has given us this planet and its resources for our good and that we are to use it responsibly

  • Foster and develop our Christian faith through providing a stable and welcoming community to which children can belong

  • Prepare our children to be the best they can be by establishing a lifelong love of learning

  • Create a safe, stimulating and vibrant environment, which creates a positive attitude to learning

  • Support our children in becoming respectful, happy and motivated learners with a belief in God and in themselves

  • Ensure that non Catholic pupils attending our school are respectfully given the freedom to adhere to their own beliefs and practices

  • Celebrate each child’s uniqueness, individuality, talents and achievements

  • Build strong collaborative relationships with parents and the wider community

  • Build a learning culture throughout the school through high quality professional development for all staff
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